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After more than 30 years in the chocolate and macarons industry,

Thierry Atlan moved to the United States with his family in the hope to expose Americans to gastronomy à la Française. 7 years later, Thierry and his team produce all of his macarons and chocolates locally in New Jersey, using fresh ingredients daily. Our almonds are carefully selected and transformed into almond flour, giving our macarons a unique texture and bold flavors. All of our ganaches and jams are made in our commissary, using fresh fruits, nuts or chocolate. Our philosophy is simple: pleasing you with every bite.

We now offer our chocolates and macarons for events! Whether you are planning your wedding, a birthday party, a baby shower or any kind of party, our macarons and chocolates are the perfect treats!

For The Party:

Looking for some fancy desserts or small bites to add to your buffet? We offer the option of buying our macarons per trays of 25 per flavor. Whether you are looking for classic flavors such as chocolate, salted caramel and vanilla, or fancier flavors such as violet cassis, strawberry verbena and chocolate passion fruit, we offer over 20 flavors year round to delight your palate and the ones of your guests.

Our macarons will be shipped directly to you or your party! Please note that our macarons need to be refrigerated as soon as they are received.

For the After Party:

If you want to leave your guests with a memorable and delicious gift to take home, we also offer chocolate or macarons boxes! You can choose between 20 different chocolate bonbons, including unique caramels, or 20 flavors of macarons.

Our macarons and chocolate boxes will be shipped directly to you or your party! Please note that our macarons need to be refrigerated as soon as they are received and our chocolates need to be stored in a cool and dry place.

Something Extra:

Add something memorable and unique to your macarons with our custom print! Available on most of our macarons flavors, the personalization is a great way to bring something special to your party. Our designer can help you create the perfect logo for your macarons at no additional cost!



Where to find us...

For more info on our events’ offering!, please contact at (201) 334-1625


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