Thierry Atlan, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier,

is committed to provide you with the finest quality of chocolate and macarons. Each recipe has been elaborated with time to find the perfect balance between taste and texture. Thierry Atlan is devoted to constantly improve the quality and the taste of his chocolates.

Having worked throughout the world, Thierry Atlan learned how to adapt himself and his chocolates to the cultural tastes and ingredients of the various countries he worked in. His vision has always been to educate people on the quality of “Chocolat à la Française.”

Based in New York, Thierry Atlan is the only Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier in the United States.


Thierry Atlan made the bet to bring the highest quality of French Macarons to the United States, using technics and savoir-faire learned throughout his years of experience.

Few years later, he has been recognized as one of the best macarons maker for the quality and dedication he puts in his work.

Thierry is one of the very few who makes his own almond flour daily, using meticulously chosen almonds from California. This process helps us ensure the best taste and quality in each of our macarons. We also make our own ganaches and jams from  Thierry's recipes, crafted around American flavors and French classics.

We are currently working with high end  bakeries, restaurants, hotels and retailers across the country.

Our offering is customizable from the boxes to the flavors.



Being a Best Craftsman of France Chocolatier, Thierry has perfected his chocolate knowledge over the years.

When he arrived to the United States, he tried to adapt his bold flavors to the American market while maintaining the same quality he always made.

We offer a variety of products through our wholesale program: chocolate bonbons, almond clusters, barks, bars and many more.


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