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Premium wholesale macarons

Premium Wholesale Macarons Program

When Thierry Atlan came to the United States in 2013, he already had over 30 years of experience in “haute gastronomy” working around the globe with world renowned chefs.

While observing the American culture, Thierry noticed that macarons were popular and appreciated by many people. He decided to specialize his production in authentic macaron making to provide Americans with the freshest and finest macarons à la Française. We have learned to adapt to the cultural taste of the United States by providing a variety of flavors while maintaining a high standard of quality in our macarons,.

All of our macarons are entirely handcrafted in our commissary. We make our own almond flour daily using meticulously chosen almonds from California. This step sets us apart as we are one of the only macaron makers in the world to produce their own almond flour. Our ganaches and jams are made fresh daily using Thierry’s recipes crafted around American flavors and French classics.

Our entire collection of macarons is available as premium wholesale.

"We make our own almond flour daily using meticulously chosen almonds from California.”


Bulk Macarons

We offer the option of buying our macaron collection in bulk.

They come in trays of 25 pieces, which we seal to guarantee the freshness of our products. They can be ordered by box or pallet.

Our trays of 25 macarons are the perfect size for refrigerated displays! Its size allow your customer to see a variety of flavor. We recommend buying in bulk for bakeries, cafés, and hotels who are looking to add premium macarons to their offerings.


Macarons Boxes

We also offer a variety of branded and non branded packaging adapted to our macaron size. This is the perfect addition to your macaron display and they are often requested by customers looking for gift options. Our boxes have been specifically designed to fit and protect our macarons.


Printed Macarons

In addition to our classic macaron collection, we offer the option to print your logo or an image on some of our macarons.

Those are ideal to celebrate special occasions such as Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, and any other holiday you can think of! Printed macarons help you stand out from other resellers as they are custom made per order.

Every print is made with food coloring and is edible.



Where to find us...

For premium wholesale inquiries, please contact at (201) 334-1625 -


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