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Learning knowledge and passion

In 1990, Thierry Atlan started working for the prestigious Ecole Lenôtre as a chocolatier. With the help that he received from the school and from many others, Thierry Atlan became a Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1997, and was the first MOF chocolatier working for Lenôtre.
After receiving his prestigious title, Thierry became the head of research and development for chocolate and a professor at l’Ecole Lenôtre...

Thierry’s knowledge and passion have always pushed him to reinvent his chocolate collections by seeking the best quality. 30 years ago, Thierry Atlan walked into the chocolate store of Mr Charpot in Troyes, France, where he did his apprenticeship, and fell in love with this magical material. For him, working with chocolate implies sharing passions of taste and of mastering.
Thierry passed on his knowledge and passion
By consulting around the world for over 10 years.

Having worked with over 100 companies throughout the world, Thierry Atlan learned how to adapt himself and his chocolates to the cultural tastes and ingredients of the various countries he worked in. Thierry’s vision has always been to educate people on the quality of “chocolat à la française.”

Chocolate doesn’t have any more secrets for Thierry Atlan, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. Quality, confection, flavors, and colors are all aspects that Thierry masters.

SPIRITUAL. Passionate by astrology, Thierry always attempted to understand people and build strong interpersonal skills. This passion gives him a singular spirit that opens him to a world without limits...

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